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  • rlbrowne on 2011-Oct-24 00:27:58 rlbrowne said

    Guess who's in there? =D
  • Excited on 2011-Oct-24 09:29:26 Excited said

    1st male driver of the 2000s?
  • Jerry on 2011-Oct-24 14:19:17 Jerry said

    First of the 2010's, I believe.

    If I recall correctly, Kappa had a male driver (ironic for an all-female team) in Ursula in 2003 or so (there's an interview with him somewhere) and AEPi had Zack Waldman in Kamikaze at some point around 2009 or 2010.

    But it's highly likely that Elon will be the last male driver, which is fitting for the organization that (according to our alumni) was the first to roll female drivers.
  • DeVos on 2011-Oct-24 14:42:28 DeVos said

    I seem to remember SigEp rolling a male driver at least once about the same time that Zack was rolling. Jake Mohin, was that you?

    "it's highly likely that Elon will be the last male driver"

    I doubt that. I would bet that there have been mechanics and pushers who have thought that driving looked like fun for as long as buggy has been around. I don't think that will change, so there will probably be male drivers for years to come.
  • aepibuggy on 2011-Oct-24 17:41:27 aepibuggy said

    Pioneers had Nick Jones drive for them for multiple years ('07 is the only year based on the "History" page, but driver info is missing for '08, so I assume he drove then too).

    And yes, Zatchmo (Zack Waldman) drove Kamikaze in 2010. I'm pretty sure DeVos is right that SigEp also had a male driver, because we were talking about doing a male driver exhibition. But Zack didn't qualify, so we had to change plans to a driver swap on hill 3 as part of the Pit Stop, which sadly got cancelled due to a certain hour-long DQ process. It was going to be the greatest thing ever.
  • Zatchmo on 2011-Oct-24 21:15:25 Zatchmo said

    A little piece actually features Peter Lynch, the Kappa driver Jerry mentions.

  • Jerry on 2011-Oct-25 18:43:29 Jerry said

    DeVos is right, I should have said that it's highly likely Elon WON'T be the last male driver, knowing buggy mechanics. I'm just jealous ; )
  • RMike on 2011-Oct-26 09:38:54 RMike said

    Damn, I was totally hoping to be the only male driver this year.
  • elawson on 2011-Oct-26 12:29:25 elawson said


    When Sigep rolled a male driver it was actually Andy Strat. He only made one freeroll, and we very kindly allowed our women's team to push him up the back hills. I distinctly remember our hill 3 pusher (now a member of Deltaforce) yelling at Andy about how fat he was for the entirety of the hill...can't say I blame her.
  • Ben on 2011-Oct-27 17:46:42 Ben said

    Well she's not wrong, andy is super fat.

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