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  • TommyK on 2011-Oct-25 22:59:01 TommyK said

    Ridges on the rim? Nice concept ... staining from soup? oil on road? quiznos toasting technology? what did they smell like sam?
  • Carl Nott on 2011-Oct-26 00:22:58 Carl Nott said

    Well, if they heated em up enough they probably smell faintly of bitter almonds (if you share that little genetic quirk), which is, scientifically, the smell of concentrated evil. Yep, a good whiff of a thermally decomposing urethane tire could turn all your mitochondria into hermit crabs. This kills the student.
  • Jake M on 2011-Oct-26 19:04:31 Jake M said

    Don't for the carbon monoxide and NOx's!! they are friendly to breathe too, I hear.
    Keep heat gunning, kids!
  • Jerry on 2011-Oct-27 03:24:00 Jerry said

    While I suspect the ridges were carved into the wheel mid-slide (just before separation), I'd much prefer to imagine they're so the wheel can get better traction when those platinum flywheels kick in. And Carl, what if our wheels just smell like vague disappointment?
  • Carl Nott on 2011-Oct-28 14:40:22 Carl Nott said

    Vague disappointment usually reeks of ethanethiol.
  • pdesiderio on 2011-Oct-28 17:08:47 pdesiderio said

    Jerry a platinum fly wheel isn't expensive enough, it's made of enriched uranium.
  • Carl Nott on 2011-Oct-28 17:58:28 Carl Nott said

    You're obviously confusing enriched uranium with Pu238 (a common mistake). The Pu238 is for the self-heating wheels. You can tell when SDC is running their self-heating wheels because they roll with radiation shields. Duh.

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