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  • Zatchmo on 2011-Nov-06 21:47:41 Zatchmo said

    Front and left: The two mechanics assigned to stand in front of my camera for the day, realizing their mistake a moment too late.
  • Paul D on 2011-Nov-06 22:24:59 Paul D said

    Isn't the age of people caring about taking pictures of buggies over? What org were they blocking for?
  • Zatchmo on 2011-Nov-07 02:25:37 Zatchmo said

    It gets mentioned in the rolls report, but the new Spirit head mechanic or chair or something is doing his best to keep the photos from getting past those big old windshields (and giving good sport to those with decent optical zoom and not much to do at rolls).
  • DeVos on 2011-Nov-07 03:03:36 DeVos said

    Step 1: Create the largest and least obstructing windshields in buggy.
    Step 2: Allow everyone to look at said buggies for 10-15 years.
    Step 3: Suddenly decide that you have buggy secrets that can be gleaned from long distance photography.
    Step 4: Hilarity???
    (I'm sure Profit could be worked in there somewhere)
  • the Pope on 2011-Nov-07 16:16:53 the Pope said

    Step 5: Steal all the underwear


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