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  • Zatchmo on 2011-Nov-06 21:59:22 Zatchmo said

    I like Fringe's drivers. They always wave at me when I take pictures of their buggies.
  • RedTachyon on 2011-Nov-07 17:31:04 RedTachyon said

    Although this particular driver is better known for least to me.
  • amyr on 2011-Nov-08 00:32:53 amyr said

    I always wave too! :-)
  • Zatchmo on 2011-Nov-08 03:20:14 Zatchmo said

    KapSig drivers are also friendly!
  • vivekn on 2011-Nov-08 05:09:22 vivekn said

    Oh she's extremely friendly if you meet her outside of a buggy - except in this picture she's way too busy steeling herself to set the fastest freeroll time of the weekend

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