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  • aepibuggy on 2012-Feb-19 00:29:04 aepibuggy said

    Oh no! My favorite part of the paint job, the stripes on the bottom of the nose (in other words, the part that I painted) are gone!

    On a more serious note, I see that Camo is at the finish line and still has 3 wheels attached. Well done Apex! I'm looking forward to watching you guys roll this year.
  • Zatchmo on 2012-Feb-19 01:05:26 Zatchmo said

    Credit for finding a *qualified* welder.
  • Paul D on 2012-Feb-19 01:10:58 Paul D said

    Even an unqualified welder should know you can't weld aluminum to steel.
  • Zatchmo on 2012-Feb-19 01:28:37 Zatchmo said

    Totally was aluminum to aluminum, for the record.
  • Jackson on 2012-Feb-21 23:09:17 Jackson said

    Just a quick comment. I was the guy who welded everything together this year. It was aluminum welded to aluminum but with steel wire... Its a wonder that it stuck in the first place.
  • Zatchmo on 2012-Feb-22 00:08:36 Zatchmo said

    Yeah, that sounds about right... What's worse is this was the guy RUNNING the welding shop who made that call. What was I gonna do, argue with him? *sigh* sometimes things have no chance of working your way.
  • the cook on 2012-Feb-22 17:11:56 the cook said

    If you just put on xootrs as several have suggested, the axle would be across the bottom of the pan, and it would be straight across, and you'd need no welding at all to get it done, just a chunk of 1"x1"x0.125" square tube aluminum or a 1" thick wall round tube, and a couple easy steel spindles pinned in. The square is easier to bolt.

    Just my $0.02
  • Carl Nott on 2012-Feb-22 17:23:35 Carl Nott said

    That is assuming that the bottom of the shell has something akin to a pan, but I would agree with the cook as to the basic design (straight tube attached to the bottom of the shell).
  • chayes on 2012-Feb-23 00:01:54 chayes said

    Thanks for the input guys. In hindsight, great idea. But everything is back together now and the pan in the back may not be sturdy enough to hold the entire axle. We debated the two ideas and stuck with derby wheels. It is a great buggy to learn on. It can take hits, it's simple to drive it's slow and most importantly, it's a tank.

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