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  • DeVos on 2012-Mar-05 01:29:26 DeVos said

    I don't think I've ever seen Mamba from this angle-that's quite a few bolts.
  • elawson on 2012-Mar-05 01:38:11 elawson said

    Little known fact: the bolts spell out "Bleda sucks"
  • rlbrowne on 2012-Mar-05 19:11:31 rlbrowne said

    No, no, guys, they're icicles from this weekend! =P
  • jake on 2012-Mar-05 19:34:26 jake said

    They aren't bolts, they're actually a complex series of quadrapole magnets that make it go SUPER FAST on the free roll.

    Wait, no, sorry, that's completely wrong.

    They do actually spell out "BLEDA SUCKS".

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