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  • blue on 2012-Mar-04 15:45:24 blue said

    Thanks to Pittsburgh weather being silly this morning, everyone who was there can now say the following, to their kids or buggy newbies:

    "When I was your age, not only did we do buggy, not only was it uphill both ways, but we rolled in the goshdarn snow! You kids today don't know how lucky you have it, getting rolls cancelled for silly things like freezing windy weather, or wet roads."
  • RedTachyon on 2012-Mar-05 13:35:15 RedTachyon said

    So what! I used to ride my bicycle with the roads/sidewalks covered in snow and ice.
  • rlbrowne on 2012-Mar-05 13:47:07 rlbrowne said

    blue, you forgot to mention we're rolling on a course that's like the surface of the moon.
  • RedTachyon on 2012-Mar-05 14:51:30 RedTachyon said

    I just thought they were rumble strips to get the attention of speeding buggies.
  • CrzRsn on 2012-Mar-05 15:00:21 CrzRsn said

    Speaking of rumble strips, Apex hit the one right behind the SigNu camp on hill 5 on Saturday. That made quite a bad noise, and I'm pretty sure the buggy got air quite a few times.
  • rlbrowne on 2012-Mar-05 17:35:57 rlbrowne said

    Yeah, Camo hit the hellhole on hill 5 Saturday and didn't roll Sunday...with Camo's already extremely low ride height, that couldn't have been good...

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