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  • DeVos on 2012-Mar-25 17:49:05 DeVos said

    I notice a distinct lack of new buggy photos. By this time last year, there were new buggies fully qualified. Were they out but elusive or are teams fairly confident that three weeks will be enough time in the next three weeks to qualify?
  • hvincent on 2012-Mar-25 18:15:07 hvincent said

    well, i only made it out for the second half of rolls, so if there was any new buggy action in the first half, i missed photographing them. there were also a couple weeks of rolls last year that didn't happen this year due to weather; doesn't explain the tardiness in getting new buggies onto the ground, but at least explains the low roll count.
  • DeVos on 2012-Mar-25 19:46:26 DeVos said

    I know that Pittsburgh has been toying with the weather-much to the dismay of buggy chairs all over campus. I was focusing more on the fact that they haven't been out at all instead of the low roll count. With all the cancellations this spring, if I were a buggy chair, I would be getting a little nervous about qualifying. If one or two days out of the six left gets rained out, it could put a new buggy/driver combo in jeopardy. Even if the buggy still needs work, I might have it out getting a couple of rolls.

    Also, let's try proofreading my previous post so that it isn't quite so derp: "Were they out but elusive or are teams fairly confident that there will be enough time in the next three weeks to qualify?".
  • chayes on 2012-Mar-25 20:58:42 chayes said

    we'll have something out next year but we are locked in right now. we have enough on our hands just getting off the ground! We have begun a build but it is nowhere near close enough to finished
  • hvincent on 2012-Mar-25 23:20:43 hvincent said

    well, now that i look through last spring's rolls, i think we had around the same number of days, so maybe i was full of it when i said we've had fewer days this year (it always feels like we've had fewer days than the previous year for me, especially since i stopped going to rolls every day).

    but yeah, at this point, i would start getting nervous about any upcoming builds being able to get around the course enough times, as well as having enough time between debut and raceday to tweak and tune.

    hi, connor; how do you like being the poster boy image for the discussion about 'where the fuck are the new buggies'?
  • chayes on 2012-Mar-25 23:48:20 chayes said

    Haha, hey V. It's interesting I've been wondering about that. Did people expect a new buggy from Apex this year?
  • chayes on 2012-Mar-25 23:50:31 chayes said

    Jerry we look to be having an intriguing conversation!
  • Jerry on 2012-Mar-26 03:50:49 Jerry said

    ...you rang?

    Aside from persistent rumors of NBXII, new SDC, and new SigEp buggies all being "a weekend away, maybe", I can't help but wonder if there was a memo CIA missed? Let me assure you, the rumor mill has been spinning like mad all semester.
  • DeVos on 2012-Mar-26 12:26:27 DeVos said

    Connor, I didn't mean to call out Apex with this comment-I just commented on the first image in the gallery. In fact, I was impressed to hear that you were working on a new buggy at all with all the work Camo needed. Founding a new org is hard enough, so to do it as freshmen and to be working on a build is quite an accomplishment.

    Jerry, you could always wait for the other new buggies and then re-debut 18 complete with pajamas and cardboard camouflage...

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