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  • DeVos on 2012-Apr-02 00:50:59 DeVos said

    Careful, you'll let all the SECRET out!
  • aepibuggy on 2012-Apr-02 02:44:15 aepibuggy said

    I love it when we load in the open...
  • rlbrowne on 2012-Apr-02 02:45:35 rlbrowne said

    Top secret invisi-tent technology!
  • Jmohin on 2012-Apr-02 04:04:47 Jmohin said

    I just thought it was a cool picture because the drivers look so... ready for space launch. "ALL SYSTEMS READY FOR GO, STANDBY!!"
    I can take it down if you want
  • Jake Reid on 2012-Apr-02 15:59:10 Jake Reid said

    No need to take down the photo, there's nothing terribly secret about either buggy. If anybody wants to steal Zephyrus' steering, I'll send you pictures and measurements.
  • Carl Nott on 2012-Apr-02 16:30:06 Carl Nott said

    Nice. If you look closely you can see all the fucks they give.
  • pdesiderio on 2012-Apr-02 22:44:41 pdesiderio said

    So no fucks were given in the making of this picture?

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