Buggy Traffic Jam


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  • Jmohin on 2012-Apr-09 19:16:02 Jmohin said

    Where's the rest of the photos? Sam, you're my primary Monday distraction at work! :(
  • Ben Matzke on 2012-Apr-09 19:52:06 Ben Matzke said

    I don't think he was in town this weekend, and I forgot to bring my camera... I hope some other people took photos...
  • CrzRsn on 2012-Apr-09 21:18:18 CrzRsn said

    Any word if theres a collaboration to get Roll Reports together if Sam was away?
  • Ben Matzke on 2012-Apr-09 21:40:09 Ben Matzke said

    I was out this weekend and sent a bunch of notes in his absence, and I hear there were atleast one or two others, so I would guess sometime in the next couple days.
  • Sam Swift on 2012-Apr-09 22:10:52 Sam Swift said

    the rolls report is up! Yeah, we're short on pictures this week, but thanks to notes from Ben and Shafeeq, we've got a descriptive account of the weekend. I'm sorry I missed it, sounds like it was another good one.

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