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  • Broski on 2012-Apr-15 01:49:54 Broski said

    Who's that fine looking guy?
  • blue on 2012-Apr-15 02:51:18 blue said

    Why, it's Edward Manning Bigelow! Hard to believe I had to look up just who exactly was the subject of "the monument" we drive by so often, but good question. (And if I'm wrong, here's where I got my info: http://abovebellefonte.blogspot.com/2011_07_01_archive.html)

    I kid, I kid. Thanks for walking both of us drivers-in-buggies down to the chute where hill 3s could take over!
  • CRStengel on 2012-Apr-15 03:14:05 CRStengel said

    pass test?
  • DeVos on 2012-Apr-15 12:20:52 DeVos said

    Nah, he just wanted to be the first guy to ironman the whole course with 2 buggies simultaneously.

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