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  • LOLEROUS on 2012-Apr-23 22:16:43 LOLEROUS said

    What. The. Hell.
  • Ben Matzke on 2012-Apr-24 00:22:34 Ben Matzke said

    how did it not work is my question...
  • blue on 2012-Apr-24 00:36:43 blue said

    I really thought the main reason it didn't work was that in-charge-of-things people stepped in and made everyone stop trying to bounce the car over...
  • History on 2012-Apr-24 02:24:34 History said

    History repeats itself
  • Ben Matzke on 2012-Apr-24 02:27:18 Ben Matzke said

    I knew that picture existed, too bad they didn't actually do it this time...
  • Aileen on 2012-Apr-24 03:27:20 Aileen said

    We definitely did it sometime during my tenure in buggy, too. I was hunting for the picture in the CIA archives, but it was unfindable.

    From the fog of too many early wakeups (and beer), Justin and I have reconstructed the memory, which was that there was a car booted on the freeroll just before the monument. We had 40-odd people and were about to lift it when a guy came running down the hill yelling for us to stop. The guy then proceeded to remove the booted wheel, put on the spare, and drive off as we all watched, stunned with surprise.
  • McCue on 2012-Apr-24 03:30:25 McCue said

    I know I have a similar shot of us doing it on raceday '03, but I also know that I am going to lose the rest of my night if I start rooting through the buggy pictures from the early '00's trying to find it.
  • CRStengel on 2012-Apr-24 18:42:43 CRStengel said

    What ever happened to "bouncing" a car? Lifting can be crazy difficult but it only takes a skilled few to bounce that sucker right up onto the curb.

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