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  • Jerry on 2013-Feb-26 02:34:05 Jerry said

    The notorious 1970's-era SAE "Limo" went on a journey yesterday, 2/24. From the house to the dumpster, then (not half an hour later) from the dumpster to a local basement, where it is presumably now sitting beneath two other former buggies.
  • Elmo Zoneball on 2013-Feb-26 05:58:00 Elmo Zoneball said

    Hard to imagine any other buggy in history of sweepstakes that had a better cost/benefit ratio. It was never intended to race -- it was originally built strictly as a push practice buggy - so the real buggies didn't have to come out every night and get the crap beat out of them in push practice.

    It has the minor distinction of being the only buggy I both drove in push practice, and pushed in push practice. I was pressed into driving it when none of the regular drivers were available, and at 135 lbs,, the rest of the push team really didn't appreciate me volunteering.

    Designed and built in a weekend, by Tom "Sonny" Cianelli and Buggy Chairman Bob Thomas around Christmas of 1973, and was thrown together out of 2" x 6" (?) side rails on a plywood pan, w/ a massive angle iron safety cage bolted on the front of it. It used standard Soap Box Derby axles, w/ a single pivot steering front axle. It must have weighed 75-80 lbs with derby wheels, and was so large that ANYONE could drive it. It had no body originally, as the safety rules of that era were somewhat more, uhhh, relaxed than in recent years.

    A few years later it was renamed from the simple but uninspiring "Practice Buggy" to "New Ken Limo" in honor of an alumnus who owned a cab company, and made a generous donation of a can of flat black paint and other materials so that the "limo" could be run on race day by a desperate "C" team of pushers who had no other vehicle available to push on Race Day. It was truly the epitome of a "Lead Sled," and rolled so slowly that it had to be timed with an hour glass.

    And so the tradition began.... in later years, the actives would dress the Limo up for theatrical presentations -- perhaps the funniest was the year of the OJ Simpson trial. They painted the limo in white livery, like OJ's white Ford Bronco, and had a black fraternity brother driving it, as it trundled around the corner at the bottom of Hill 3, suddenly a dozen guys came flying out of Porter Hall, dressed in pin stripe suits, carrying briefcases, and wearing Groucho Marx glasses/noses/mustaches, and waving pens and contracts at the guy driving the Limo -- a veritable army of Alan Dershowitz-wannabes chasing OJ to sign him up as their client for the trial of the century. It was hilarious.

    30 years of use out of a one weekend practice buggy. Not bad......
  • Ben Matzke on 2013-Feb-28 14:51:57 Ben Matzke said

    30 minutes?! you underestimate our ability. We were there in 5 and the buggy was rescued after 10. We got this shit down.
  • David Shiller on 2014-Apr-17 16:05:40 David Shiller said

    I was Limo's driver in 1986. Ahhhhh, staying up after a big party all night to lay on the hard, cold wood panel for hours. The only thing rougher was those poor souls having to push my way-to-heavy backside up those hills. RIP Limo!!!
  • Ben Matzke on 2014-Apr-17 21:09:36 Ben Matzke said

    Limo is still alive and kicking, just not as a competing buggy! If you made it out to design comp, you could see it still rollin' around.
  • Zatchmo on 2014-Apr-18 05:54:19 Zatchmo said

    Yes, certainly not RIP! A highlight of my carnivals has become to push full grown men around in a buggy as best I can within the confines of the gymnasium. I love this buggy.

    A second highlight of my carnivals is now to take a photo of current SAE with the buggy their org tossed in a dumpster for some confusing reason. Guys, I have absolutely zero idea what you where thinking, this thing is awesome. Thanks!

    As long as I'm even remotely around Pittsburgh, Limo will have a safe and dry home between carnival seasons.
  • memoagomez on 2014-Apr-18 16:41:27 memoagomez said

    As seen here, Limo's holding up quite well:
  • Chuck Coulson on 2014-Apr-25 19:08:24 Chuck Coulson said

    The Limo is dead. Long Live the Limo!

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