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  • Jerry on 2013-Apr-21 22:33:39 Jerry said

    Spotted on Morewood Ave, turning east onto 5th. Truck full of what appear to be old SigNu buggies. Is that the King of Spades? Tried to get a better look but decided against tailing them, because I'm not in <unnamed other team>
  • the pope on 2013-Apr-22 00:54:41 the pope said

    Zoo buggies. Not the king. Part of the zoo leaving includes cleaning out some old buggies that have accumulated in the garage over the past 50 + years. I found lemur (winner 1982) in good shape, missing just the front hatch. Also, jerboa (86), brother rat (70s), lizard (50s), okapi, jubatus....
  • the pope on 2013-Apr-22 01:08:31 the pope said

    Find of the day was finding the front hatch from esp. She had 2. The other is with the rest of the buggy. The king lives in the house, and also will be headed to a new home. I am 3rdish on the list for dibs

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