DSC05982-March 21, 2015-Backup


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  • bordick on 2015-Mar-23 19:09:33 bordick said

    This is a Sig Nu buggy. Not a Pika Buggy.
  • Ben Matzke on 2015-Mar-24 01:50:25 Ben Matzke said

    ACK how the shit! fixing it now in the rolls report, that is indeed not a PiKA buggy...
  • Robertson Howard on 2015-Mar-24 02:14:56 Robertson Howard said

    That's not a PiKA pusher
  • bordick on 2015-Mar-24 02:56:11 bordick said

    And that is not a PIKA thong
  • Bordick on 2015-Mar-24 11:48:19 Bordick said

    i would like to thank you for your minimal photos of Pika buggies. The FOAD in me is grateful.
  • Ben Matzke on 2015-Mar-24 12:33:55 Ben Matzke said

    lack of practice is all. don't worry, I'll be sure to get more next week ;)
  • McCue on 2015-Mar-24 15:06:30 McCue said

    there aren't a lot to take pictures of. swishhhh.

    (there are fewer KDR ones though, so, you know)
  • Spirit on 2015-Apr-14 19:59:10 Spirit said

    We had to push the Pika buggies on sunday b/c pike couldn't be bothered...
    They were ok.

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