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April 20-21



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  • db on 2016-Apr-15 17:10:36 db said

    Is this a SDC C pushbar miss?
  • Pope juice on 2016-Apr-15 17:20:32 Pope juice said

    no, look up Finish Lynx timing systems to learn how these "cameras" work
  • what? on 2016-Apr-15 22:05:43 what? said

    can someone actually explain this?
  • Gimli on 2016-Apr-15 22:53:34 Gimli said

    The camera takes a series of one-pixel-wide photos exactly at the finish line and they all get squished into one image. I can't tell without digging through the video, but if the pusher was in contact with the bar when the nose crossed the finish line and then let go of the bar before it crossed the line, it could look like this without being a DQ.
  • Shafeeq on 2016-Apr-15 22:56:45 Shafeeq said

    What you see above isn't a photograph of one moment in time.

    The camera "sees" a single vertical line (lined up with the finish line) and nothing else. It takes a picture of that single line every 0.001s.
    The image above is a series of these line images placed side-by-side, earliest at the left. So you can see everything that passed through the finish line, and when.

    So SDC's nose and CIA's wheel were in the finish line at the same time, and the SDC pusher's hand passed through the finish line some time after SDC's pushbar. We can't tell whether the pusher's hand was on the bar when the _nose_ crossed the line, because the camera wasn't looking there. If the buggy had stopped halfway across the finish line, we'd never see the 2nd half of the buggy.

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