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  • NSFW on 2017-Apr-15 18:34:14 NSFW said

    My laser safety class told me that I probably shouldn't point lasers at people's (drivers') eyes... Is this on during rolls?
  • Ben Matzke on 2017-Apr-15 18:43:32 Ben Matzke said

    Yes, but below their eye-line
  • did you really have a laser safety class? on 2017-Apr-15 20:12:34 did you really have a laser safety class? said

    Front end of a buggy != driver's eyes. Driver's eyes are higher and more often than not, have a chunk of buggy between them and the light path (which is perpendicular to the line of travel). If a driver is facing in that direction, they have bigger issues. A driver might be able to get their right eye low enough by turning their head in that direction but again, this creates bigger issues than the laser-eye interaction.
  • shafeeq on 2017-Apr-15 21:04:43 shafeeq said

    Windshields are curved, so there's the possibility of refraction or reflection off the inside of the windshield getting light to places not directly in line with the beam. At typical buggy speeds, the windshield is exposed for at most 0.025 seconds, and any bounce is going to be much weaker than the source, so distraction seems a bigger hazard than eye injury.

    Using a UV or IR laser at a frequency that Lexan is opaque to would eliminate both problems, but then aiming would be a bit harder.
  • Driver on 2017-Apr-16 00:02:26 Driver said

    I can see it in my peripheral.
  • Ben Matzke on 2017-Apr-16 00:48:15 Ben Matzke said

    Thanks for mentioning!

    do you remember if it was a specific location on the course where you saw it?
  • Driver on 2017-Apr-16 01:39:05 Driver said

    Where I'm assuming this picture is from, between top & chute flag, closer to the chute flag.
  • Ben Matzke on 2017-Apr-16 16:09:12 Ben Matzke said

    Was that the only one, or were there any others that bothered you as well?
  • the pope on 2017-Apr-17 19:38:10 the pope said

    and by "bothered" i assume you mean "noticed"

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