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  • the cook on 2017-Apr-02 22:07:48 the cook said

    This pic is perfect to point out the greatest enduring stupidity in all of buggy - after closing roads and banning cars from them, we then put our own cars on said roads. The chance of a car munching a buggy is then greatly increased, all for the vanity of seeing your buggies roll and occasionally being there a bit quicker if a spin.
  • Connor on 2017-Apr-03 00:57:02 Connor said

    While for the most part I agree, in this particular photo the safety chair is in the passenger seat watching a pass test. With it being nearly impossible to see the whole course and also fairly difficult to perfectly time a pass, there are limited situations where a follow car is necessary.
    For instance:
    Driver Training
    Pass Test
    Motivating Lazy Pushers

    I guess the last one could be done just as easily with a megaphone and bull whip, but i digress.

    On a serious note except for the first two instances, the chute flagger could just as easily have all the necessary tools to get a driver out of the buggy in their pocket or in a tool box near their feet. Between the chute flagger, transition flagger, EMS and the hill 3 and 4 pushers, there should be enough people to get the driver and crashed buggy safely off the course and move all stopped buggies through the rest of the course without issue
  • mark estes on 2017-Apr-03 02:31:29 mark estes said

    Get rid of follow car, and get rid of entirely useless pass test. What does it really tell us about a driver's abilities? Nothing.

    Have dedicated car with all the fn tools needed parked off the course by the stop sign and another at the top of 2. If a buggy needs to be opened, they are there within 30 seconds of when the follow car could have been there.

    many other ways to train drivers. like watch the footage from all those garmin's that everyone is using.
  • mark estes on 2017-Apr-03 02:42:55 mark estes said

    also, with the pair of garmins they have mounted, there was no need for the safety chair to witness anything.
  • the cook on 2017-Apr-04 23:20:53 the cook said

    not to mention, when buggy A starts in front of buggy B, and at the bottom buggy B is in front of buggy A, I am fairly certain that B passed A at some point in the roll. If they don't crash and the passed driver doesn't emerge and say hey WTF you clipped my nose cone, then good enough

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