Raceday 2018
April 20-21

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  • DeVos on 2017-Apr-10 13:41:52 DeVos said

    So, you're telling me this hatch is structurally sound?
  • plastic bag salesman on 2017-Apr-10 14:02:47 plastic bag salesman said

    This is not a problem. Look, see, right here, there is a magical plastic bag attached. Perfectly safe.
  • totally not max on 2017-Apr-10 15:13:54 totally not max said

    pencil test??
  • Old Alumni on 2017-Apr-11 14:10:33 Old Alumni said

    I think this picture devalues my CMU engineering degree. Can we remove it from this site?
  • Ben Matzke on 2017-Apr-11 18:50:56 Ben Matzke said

    I think this would devalue your CMU art degree, what kind of engineering are you doing that involves such... avant-garde styling?
  • not Tommy K on 2017-Apr-11 20:07:36 not Tommy K said

    SigEp - next time you're thinking of building, just go to Party City and order a buggy-shaped pinata. It's sure to be more structurally sound than this monstrosity.

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