Raceday 2018
April 20-21

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  • Connor Hayes on 2017-Apr-11 21:40:20 Connor Hayes said

    So from this photo it looks like the buggy is not tall enough for a driver, and the driver's helmet is pushing the hatch up into the air. Then they put some combo of duct tape and cardboard over the hole to hide that fact. I hope I am wrong, but that does not sound like an easy fix
  • Argus on 2017-Apr-12 00:17:03 Argus said

    Find a smaller helmet?
  • Russian to Judgement on 2017-Apr-12 01:04:01 Russian to Judgement said

    Looks like crud now, but few buggies look good on the first date. Give them a few weeks then we can be sure it is ugly or a poor design. One presumes the safety chair took a look and found it sufficient.
  • "attachment method" on 2017-Apr-12 07:58:53 "attachment method" said

    Looks like the driver is holding the hatch on with her hand... Or possibly covering her head in utter terror.
  • Jarred on 2017-Apr-13 11:48:15 Jarred said

    Jeez these guys blow, do they actually think buggy is so much of a joke that they can't even pick a clever name, much worse a decent paint job? Everyone knows the only colors you should use for a buggy is solid black.
  • Connor on 2017-Apr-13 19:42:33 Connor said

    I have to think the paint and name right now are temporary and we will see the final paint and name at design comp. But this buggy is a disaster piece
  • Probably Jake on 2017-Apr-17 17:25:16 Probably Jake said


    Now I know why Fringe covers their buggies in trashbags before it's painted and purdied'up. Ya'll suck.
  • The cook on 2017-Apr-17 18:33:42 The cook said

    Hey cut them some slack, Beldar and Prymaat can come watch their daughter drive.
  • Probably Jake on 2017-Apr-21 08:45:36 Probably Jake said

    Good 80's movie reference. Lost on the younguns

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