GAG 0207


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  • Mark Estes on 2017-Nov-03 01:37:44 Mark Estes said

    Who left the CIA buggy room door unlocked?
    Strange new wheel sizes afoot.
  • Connor on 2017-Nov-03 13:26:08 Connor said

    That is CIA's Emperor their new buggy from last year. Got new poly on their big wheels and it's had some impressive rollouts
  • Mark Estes on 2017-Nov-03 17:06:25 Mark Estes said

    Thanks, For a second there, this looked like some twisted variant of an SDC buggy. My Bad.
  • The cool on 2017-Dec-24 02:19:15 The cool said

    The inertia gods giveth only what they tske away, minus the vigorish
  • The hot on 2017-Dec-29 03:35:57 The hot said

    If I am getting your drift, then such boat anchors will be a burden upon the pushers and a sty in the eye of the gods of acceleration but will please his twin brother and run up hill 3 with great vigor. Sad that without goodly serfs as pushers, the net result is a bit of a slog.
  • Mike Darcy on 2018-Jan-12 19:12:36 Mike Darcy said

    The hot, this might be the most "the cook" comment I've ever seen in my life. Kudos

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