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  • Honker Cays on 2018-Apr-03 16:50:59 Honker Cays said

    This looks a bit small... is it really the small or is it just the photo?
  • Tommy K on 2018-Apr-06 19:30:38 Tommy K said

    If we assume those white wheels are on nominally sized ZE hubs, then this is not so small. Nice build quality though.
  • James May on 2018-Apr-07 19:14:40 James May said

    Decent. A lot of wrinkles if you look close.
  • James May on 2018-Apr-07 19:16:07 James May said

    Sorry on closer look that was the peel ply residue. Does look good !

    Is that aramid in the fabric? Interesting choice. Tough, but hard to sand.

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