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  • Mark Estes on 2018-Apr-15 17:16:06 Mark Estes said

    Also purple,,,,
  • The cook on 2018-Apr-15 17:37:46 The cook said

    Maybe zero error is finally unloading that slow purple shit cheap
  • Mark Estes on 2018-Apr-15 18:46:02 Mark Estes said

    trap data says this was likely a respectable roll ( 49.14 fps) . Within 1 fps of the best. Not SDC's best but in the mix. As I recall, way back, the Aend purple we tested was ~ 72A hardness. I think it stacked up worse than green or white in those tests so we gave it no more looks. Of course, a tire is whatever color it wants to be these purple might be the new white for all we know.
  • Connor on 2018-Apr-15 21:22:48 Connor said

    Its a much lighter and more opaque purple than the ZE purple wheels. They have had some purple wheels since at least last spring
  • The cook on 2018-Apr-15 22:00:30 The cook said

    True dat. White wheels can even become purple for $1.76 if one so desires

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