CIA 2006 front


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  • lemuroid on 2009-May-15 00:49:56 lemuroid said

    something is fishy in the number of views per pic counters
    My 'home page' here is the most viewed gallery. (don't ask, I think I was there when I decided to add a bookmark).

    Anyway, This rather obscure 2006 CIA tee was not to be found there for many moons, then it just jumped into the top 8 without ever having been in the top 16. Did 100 people all decide to look at this picture over the past 3 days? Is this some strange hack that spells doom for all of us? Either this image of a tee shirt has some attractive powers that I am missing or the database is humped. Same thing happened with the old silver car (came from out of nowhere) and a few others.
  • Sam Swift on 2009-May-18 18:54:52 Sam Swift said

    I just checked the Google Analytics, and for whatever reason, there was a huge (although not thaaat huge) spike in views of this picture on May 15th. Maybe someone brought it up in a conversation somewhere else?

    I also wouldn't rule out some sort of bot / spam activity that hit that page a bunch of times. The most viewed list all seemed pretty logical until right around / soon after raceday, but I agree it's suspicious now.
  • lemuroid on 2009-May-18 21:57:27 lemuroid said

    the most viewed seems even more crazy now.
  • Sam Swift on 2009-May-20 16:51:05 Sam Swift said

    yeah, it's messed up
    there are tons and tons of views being counted now that I'm not seeing confirmed in google analytics. I don't know what to make of it

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