Fringe 1999 special front


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  • galexkeene on 2011-Apr-26 09:58:14 galexkeene said

    You actually got away with this shirt? Surprised, especially after all that "outcry" about the SDC sweatshirts a few years back having RAPE (gasp!) on them. [For those not aware, Rage Addiction Psychosis Envy were the buggies that year, listed chronologically on the back.]
  • revo on 2011-Apr-26 14:49:58 revo said

    It was a small run random shirt - not the raceday shirt - even so, the university didn't care for it for some reason. I'd say the back of the shirt was more creative.
  • jixson on 2011-Apr-27 01:10:37 jixson said

    Style revived for this year's Alumni Carnival shirts, the awesome play on words, unfortunately, was not

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