treasure chest of speed

spare wheels were stored here. a great place to get a look at all the different wheel designs or possibly a glue addict's wet dream


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  • lemuroid on 2010-Aug-13 17:49:29 lemuroid said

    Still some xootr based wheels in use at derby but the trend towards a custom hub is growing and the advantage of running small is catching on. I believe these are (from left to right):

    wheel type, car, time
    Xootr hub with ??,Purden, 27.551
    new small 'pka' wheel, Barr/Osborne, 27.000
    ze wheel ??, not clear which car, ??
    xootr hub, wargo, 27.280
    original size 'pka' wheel, Albertoni, 27.137
    workmaster (a plastic xootr, not what he ran on the car).
  • lemuroid on 2010-Sep-24 16:11:31 lemuroid said

    wheel evolution at USC
    With the cross flow of wheel technology between USC and Buggy, wheel tech is moving at a pace that makes prior 40 years of buggy look fairly stagnant (major wheel developments have occurred every ~10 years at cmu).

    Here are some wheel factoids from the usc 2010 race that put this in perspective. How much of this will flow into buggy?

    No repeat winner in wheel design for the past 3 years.

    None of the 5 fastest cars from 2010 used wheels that ran (or existed) in 2008.

    The winning wheel design from 2008 placed 11th in 2010.

    In this year's race, the top 3 cars were on 3 different wheel designs.

    The top 6 cars were on at least* 5 different wheel designs.

    The top 12 were on at least* 8 different wheel designs. Of those 8, 6 were new to the race in 2010.

    The quick wheels from recent buggy races (green, white, yellow) were not apparent at USC (either there in disguise or absent)

    Jelly filled tires that are reasonably quick at cmu (sig ep) finished near the back at usc (same origin but possibly not the exact design)

    *could be an even higher # as I counted all the xootr sized ZE wheels as the 'same' design while I suspect they were not all the 'same' design given the scope of their effort in 2010

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