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World Record (first place) 26.844


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  • lemuroid on 2010-Aug-05 22:41:46 lemuroid said

    Record Setter: 26.844
    In round one, heat 5, Sheri Lazowski of Clean Sheet/ Sigma Nu racing, broke the new record with a scorching 26.844. This bettered the time for this car by 0.159 seconds (~8 feet or 1 car length) over the same car’s 2009 3rd place finish. This is also an improvement of 0.080 sec over the 2009 record. (~ 52 inches). The final margin of victory was a tiny 0.005 sec (~3.3 inches). 3rd place was another 0.012 sec back (~7.9 inches). The top 3 were within a foot of each other at the finish. Very close.

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