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  • lemuroid on 2011-Aug-01 16:25:57 lemuroid said

    The Cook
  • the Pope on 2012-Jun-15 02:32:59 the Pope said

    The 2012 race is on Saturday, July 21 (in Akron)

    Cleen Sheet/Sigma Nu ( CSSN) racing is attempting a 3-peat. (would be a 4-peat for the cook)
    ZE looks tough with a smaller car and new wheels.
    Should be close, come enjoy some fun

    Also, if you want to support CSSN racing, check out this kickstarter page:


    We have lots of cool rewards, including a chance to get your esp on, even if you were not a SN.
  • the pope on 2012-Jul-26 19:04:09 the pope said

    The race is over. Clean sheet racing secured it's 3rd straight victory with a time of 26.655 seconds. The track was much slower this year due to being resealed with what appears to be driveway sealer. This stuff looks good but gets very soft when warm and it was warm. I believe we actually made progress this year despite finishing 0.070 off the record.

    Our B car looked good for 2nd but had issues with fogging due to an extended wait at the starting line and and crashed out, leaving a large gap (0.114 sec) back to 2nd place ( ZE's new car) and an even bigger one back to 3rd (0.172) ( ZE's 2-quik, the 2009 winner and 2010 runner up).

    Congrats to "the cook" on his 4th consecutive win (1 with ZE and 3 with CSSN).
  • the pope on 2012-Jul-27 16:35:11 the pope said

    2012 Ultimate Speed Challenge Times

    Place Car # Time Round Driver Wheel type
    1 905 26.655 1 Laura Overmyer 2012 CSSN rubber small diameter
    2 903 26.769 1 Kristi Murphy ZE rubber small diameter
    3 906 26.827 1 Jamie Berndt ZE rubber 7 inch, thin and narrow
    4 912 26.879 1 Allison Bates 2010 CSSN rubber ~5.7 inch diameter
    5 902 26.895 2 Shell Rich ZE rubber? 7 inch
    6 900 26.976 3 Catherine Carney Urethane?
    7 915 26.992 3 Anne Taylor Original "PKA" rubber
    8 910 27.022 1 Kayla Albertoni Smaller "PKA" rubber
    9 909 27.116 2 Anna Herritage 2009 CSSN urethane
    10 917 27.193 2 Hanna Schweinefus
    11 920 27.220 2 Dennis Van Fossen
    12 904 27.882 1 Ricky Stead
    13 907 28.634 2 David Bragg
    14 908 29.195 2 Makenna Laughlin
    15 901 29.444 1 Jim Overmyer 2012 CSSN rubber, small diameter (crash)

    top 6 all had wheel fairings except 4th.

    top 8 appeared to be juiced

    hot sun plus juiced rubber was a bad idea
    hot sun plus juiced rubber under a wheel fairing seemed fine
  • the Pope on 2012-Aug-07 20:14:46 the Pope said

    CSSN is conducting a survey. If you are interested in the AA Ultimate Speed Challenge or the NDR Ultimate race as a participant then I urge you to participate.


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