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  • the Pope on 2011-Nov-09 04:13:57 the Pope said

    Not a lot to debate here, just the facts.

    Record breaker column assessed via the "asshole" method.
  • TXDERBY on 2011-Nov-10 21:09:35 TXDERBY said


    As promised I have uploaded three pictures to address your lack of insight and understand of the All American Soap Box Derby.

    First I have uploaded an official AASBD table of fastest heats. As I said before, only the one fastest heat per each championship event is recognized. In fact you may notice:

    *** The car with the fastest time does not always win the race

    *** Fastest times can vary significantly year to year. This is due to changes in track surface, track temperature at the times of each heat, and the height and location of the starting ramp.

    Track Surface and Temperature:
    Note in the uploaded two 1999 AASBD track pictures that the track surface the year Jamie set the speed record
    *** Track was just repaved and it was relatively cold and rainy during her fastest heat
    *** 1999 fastest heat was run earlier in the day then the hotter heats your team ran later
    in the day in 2010 and 2011 on a significantly smother surface (2011 track was
    hotter and smother than 2010)

    Height and location of the AASBD starting ramp:
    Each year the AASBD recalibrates lanes to offset track changes that have occurred since the past race (if the track never changed this would not be necessary each year). When all three lanes are raised (even slightly) together during calibration, the times can significantly drop. While AASBD paradigm shift in derby speed have been rare, changes in ramp height have not (i.e. all significant changes in times year to year cannot be attributed to race car advancements). In fact, you should also notice times that are significantly slower due to the reasons noted above (cars typically do not get slower).

    Point 1:
    There have been years, even with the older much slower derby cars area, where times are lower than all current USC records. In fact, in 1940 the Akron local had cars in the 25 second range. In previous years with times faster than all modern USC teams, almost every car entered had a faster time than all AASBD current USC records. By your logic (ignoring other variables accounting for speed) your recent USC 2010 and 2011 team times are in the hundreds in order of success. Therefore, only you would ignore (or be unaware) of the points in this message and point out how far Jamie’s 2009 time is behind the other recent USC times all run at later times of the day (all hotter) and on a much smother track surface (with the ramp possibly higher in the back).

    Point 2:
    The reason I do not convey Barr’s team results as “slow” (as you have) is due to significant ramp changes during that two year period. There should be no pleasure in unfairly diminishing a competitor’s success.

    Point 3:
    Claiming your success on the hottest USC day on the fastest USC track is like the rooster than believes that it brings the sun up each morning by crowing.

    Point 4:
    CMU method of tracking fastest time’s methods is not officially used by the AASBD.

    I do not go onto the CMUBUGGY.ORG site and make claims and statement about the CMU buggy race event or its outcomes. I do not know enough about the CMU buggy race or its history to have an informed opinion.

    You unfortunately have to be constantly corrected after posting false and mislead data (as well as slander) on this site and on the Zero Error message board. Not only have you gone out of your way to maliciously slander my team members, but you have falsely and misleadingly diminished the success of all other past USC willing teams. Carl may have posted the most descriptive name for you and your actions (as well as your partner in crime Duane).
  • Carl Nott on 2011-Nov-10 22:15:27 Carl Nott said

    =There should be no pleasure in unfairly diminishing a competitor’s success.=

    If you were unaware, the catalyst for the Buggy Alumni Association was a website that mocked the most successful buggy team in Sweepstakes history while that team was on the cusp of its most impressive win, which occurred at the tail end of the most impressive win streak in Sweepstakes history.

    To put it another way, buggy is a sport hatched and grown at Carnegie Mellon University. I cannot speak for all of CMU history but for the years that include most folks who are active in the BAA, I can.

    Know now that CMU was during that time a second-tier school. Those of us who attended CMU were, by-and-large, highly intelligent but too flawed to make it to a top-tier school. We were not well-rounded enough to make the cut, if you will. We variably suffer from laziness, sociopathic behavior, profound social retardation, and whatever it is that is wrong with TommyK (probably nothing; TommyK may be the only normal person involved with buggy). We are not valedictorian prom queen quarterbacks. We are brilliant, degenerative assholes.
  • TXDERBY on 2011-Nov-11 09:25:28 TXDERBY said

    References in previous posts to 1999 should read 2009.
  • the Pope on 2011-Nov-11 18:57:20 the Pope said

    Carl, you rock

    TX, let me get this straight,

    I posted a graphical summary of the AA USC history. This a graph based entirely on the data provided on and is entirely consistent with the history posted on that site, and the approach taken by the announcer at this year's race.

    My 'crime', appears to be that I included 2 drivers who went faster than anyone had gone before them as record breakers. For that, you call me a liar, an asshole, a slanderer, a distorter of facts and claim that I am insulting other teams ( which I am not you called them slow, not I). You sir, might want to seek help.

    The only team I take pleasure in diminishing is yours, having done so 2 years in a row by beating you. You picked a fight with the wrong guy back in 2009. I can not abide a bully. I will also note that the gap between our teams appears to be increasing. I suspect that without Duane helping you in 2009, I would have bested you 3 years in a row as I did fairly well in my first year.

    When you set the record on a freshly paved track in 2009 under conditions that favored the juiced teams (which you were and I was not btw), your team celebrated. Your team made and wore buttons proclaiming the new record time before the race had even ended. Later, they produced a large banner proclaiming "the fastest 26.924 seconds in Racing History" and displayed it track side at the 2010 race. When you did all those things in celebration of going faster than anyone had gone before and winning the race, were you considering all the stuff you just posted? Were you insulting the "slow" teams who had not gone as fast? Were you the rooster?
  • TXDERBY on 2011-Nov-11 20:59:35 TXDERBY said

    Your reality is cutting and pasting quotes from sources such as a race day announcer? Seriously?

    All of your other comments have been previously and accurately addressed (bringing up your old disprove points again does not make them any less false at a later date).

    Carl: I know about (I use to go there allot) and found this site when it was new and claimed to be a better alternative.

    That site had allot of kidding and humor but Mark and Dune (here and elsewhere) have gone way out of their way to take credit for speed gained by spying and steeling and then slandering anyone that got in their way while falsely exaggerating their success (inaccurately diminishing all other USC teams success). I think everyone here knows that their SigmaNu's long-term buggy struggles cannot be quickly compensated for by such immoral, misleading, false and duplicitous actions.
  • the cook on 2011-Nov-12 02:44:11 the cook said

    yep and it takes me 20 formulas every time to kick your ass

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