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  • janicesg on 2008-Nov-14 11:54:32 janicesg said

    Can anyone tell where this picture was taken?? Looks like an accident waiting to happen
  • abordick on 2008-Nov-14 17:13:56 abordick said

    That's hill 2 shove you're seeing.
  • Carsen Kline on 2008-Nov-14 18:07:21 Carsen Kline said

    Did you see the size of that sewer grate? And we thought we had problems.

    DQ: Pacing, border collie.
  • aitong on 2008-Nov-14 18:23:26 aitong said

    Sewer grates?
    I thought those were hubcaps...
  • abordick on 2008-Nov-14 23:06:12 abordick said

    I think they're raised lane markers.
  • aepibuggy on 2019-Nov-07 19:43:29 aepibuggy said

    This photo appears to be of one of the Prelim heats in 1949. PiKA's buggy is clearly in front (with a dog chasing it), and based on the angle it looks like it came out of Lane 3, where it needed to go around the traffic dummy at the intersection (the big white thing that says "Slow Keep Right"). The other 2 buggies are currently unknown.

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