Starting line sometime between the 30's - 50's

Starting line sometime between the 30's - 50's Phi Kappa buggy on far left, taken sometime between 1923 and 1959 when Phi Kappa became Phi Kappa Theta. Reproduced with permission of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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  • wook on 2008-Nov-08 19:07:14 wook said

    Any info on this photo? (year, etc).. The buggy on the far left looks to be a Phi Kappa buggy, so this must be sometime between 1923 and 1959 when Phi Kappa became Phi Kappa Theta.
  • aitong on 2008-Nov-10 14:09:13 aitong said

    No info provided by the cmu archives
    We got this without any info ( most of the CMU archive photos came with very little/no info ) , but I'll add your info to the photo description. If you have any info on the other photos, go ahead an add them in the comments
  • aepibuggy on 2019-Oct-16 23:47:38 aepibuggy said

    This photo must have been taken in either 1924 or 1925 (so the title is incorrect). The buggy on the far left is labeled as "Sigma Epsilon Phi", which was renamed Sigma Phi Epsilon after Raceday in 1925. The starting line did not move to in front of Maggie Mo until 1924.

    I'm a little thrown off by the fact that there are 2 rows of buggies, though it explains why they eventually moved to running in heats. I'm curious if the 2 rows were their initial attempt at "heats" (in 1925), or if it's possibly because a last minute change of where the race would begin (in 1924) led to confusion about how they would start.

    DTD's buggy, which is 3rd from the left in the front row, was a yellow buggy that was trimmed in brown, with a highly polished nickel radiator in the front (it won Design Comp). Other organizations that I can identify (though without buggy descriptions): Phi Kappa (far left, front row), Theta Xi (2nd row behind DTD), Kappa Sigma Rho (to the right of Theta Xi), Beta Sigma Rho (5th buggy from the left, front row), ATO (2nd row behind BSR), and SigEp (far right, front row). I have a slight guess that KapSig's winning buggy is lined up to the right of ATO (when looking at the photo), but that is only a guess.
  • aepibuggy on 2019-Dec-27 16:29:01 aepibuggy said

    Update: Confirmed that this is from 1925.

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