Rule 10.3.7 Crowd Control Barriers

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Crowd control barriers should be used to restrain race spectators located along Hill 2 and Hill 5. These barriers can be ropes strung between stanchions, or even held by course marshals. The barriers should be placed along Hill 2 on each side of the buggy course, from the Hill 1-2 Transition Zone to the end of the lanes, and along Hill 5 on only the northern side of the course, from a point that is approximately 200 feet from the finish line to the finish line. On Hill 2 the barriers should be placed about 3 feet outside of the outermost edges of the lanes, and on Hill 5 they should be placed even with the northern curb of Frew Street. The barriers shall be put in place no later than 30 minutes before races are scheduled to start on each day of Sweepstakes racing. They shall be removed within 15 minutes of either the end of the races for that day, or the cancellation of the races for that day.

At the discretion of the Sweepstakes Chairman, the responsibility of obtaining, storing, and placing crowd control barriers in position for Sweepstakes races may be delegated to the same organization responsible for placing warning signs in position for the Sweepstakes races. The organization charged with this responsibility may not have to provide sweepers, flaggers, or course marshals for each day of Sweepstakes racing, at the discretion of the Sweepstakes Chairman.

If the organization responsible for the crowd control barriers fails to provide them or remove them for any day of Sweepstakes racing, that organization shall be fined the amount of $50.00.