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Arial view of the entire course with the Freeroll highlighted in orange
The freeroll is the mostly downhill portion of the course, during which the buggy is freely rolling and is generally going too fast for a pusher to keep up with. The freeroll begins where the Hill 2 pusher lets go, usually between the crest of Hill 2 and the crosswalk (see Course for a map), and ends after the chute. During the freeroll, buggies can reach speeds of up to ~40mph. Technically, Hill 2 extends into the freeroll until halfway through the monument, though it is rare that a buggy will require a push after the top of Hill 2 (exceptions may include a buggy that is heavily bagged, Camo, and Zephyrus). The freeroll is the fastest part of the course, and is therefore the most fun to drive.