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Hill 1

This is the section of the course from the bottom of Tech St. near the Margaret Morrison rotunda to the top of Tech St. where it intersects with Frew St. The race begins with the buggies stationary at the bottom of Hill 1.

This hill has arguably the most prestige attached to it. The fastest pushers during the races, male and female, get crowned King- and Queen-of-the-Hill, respectively.

Officially defined in Rule 5.3.2

Hill 2

Hill 2 starts near the stop sign at the top of Tech St., continues over the crest of the hill, down Schenley Dr., and technically ends at the monument in the middle of Schenley Drive. As the buggies begin rolling down Schenley Dr. they begin to move faster than the pushers can run. Therefore, the pushers typically give their last push around the crosswalk of Schenley Dr.

The pusher for hill 2 has the important job of timing the final push into the freeroll to maximize the buggy's speed entering the downhill portion of the course.

Officially defined in Rule 5.3.3

Hill 3

Hill 3 technically begins at the monument in the middle of Schenley Dr., turns left onto Frew St., and continues up Frew St. to a point about 50 feet beyond the lower entrance to Porter Hall. Hill 3 contains a portion of the course typically known as the chute.

This is the steepest hill but is typically the shortest. Pushers best suited to this hill typically focus more on strength than pure speed.

Officially defined in Rule 5.3.4

Hill 4

Hill 4 begins at the transition of Porter and Baker halls and ends at the top of Baker hall.

Hill 4 is a unique hill in that the grade of the hill changes dramatically over the course of the hill. Pushers that do best on this hill need to have a mix of strength for the lower portion and speed for the upper portion.

Officially defined in Rule 5.3.5

Hill 5

Hill 5 begins at the top of Baker hall and continues to the finish line at the end of Frew St. in front of Tepper/GSIA. It is the longest hill and also the flattest.

Pushers who excell on hill 5 are typically the best sprinters.

Officially defined in Rule 5.3.6