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Rollout is the measure of distance that a buggy travels beyond the chute before being picked up by the hill 3 pusher. This is used as a rough measure of mechanical and driving efficiency. As there is no scale on the course, Porter Hall's windows are the standard unit of measure. The fire hydrant on the side walk along Porter Hall, which appears at the 10th window, is the mark of an excellent rollout. This is called "rolling the plug." Past the plug are the stairs leading into Porter Hall. "Rolling the stairs" has happened, but is usually the result of a late pickup by the hill 3 pusher.

There are some other rollout-related landmarks. "Window 0" is the edge of the driveway between Porter Hall and Scaife Hall. This is used by some organizations for timing. "Rolling the gazebo" is when a buggy stops at or near the corner of Frew and Frank Curto/Schenley Drive, never a good outcome.