Rule 10.3.13 Starter

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A person shall be appointed by the Sweepstakes Chairman, with the approval of the Sweepstakes Advisor, to be the official Starter of all of the Sweepstakes races. The Starter shall be located near the starting line of the buggy course before and during all of the races, usually just to the right of Lane 1 when looking south from the starting line. The Starter shall announce the time remaining until the start of each heat before each heat and shall announce any delays or holds in the countdown to each heat. The Starter shall use a traditional starting gun, or other similar device, to indicate the start of each heat. Two starting guns should always be available in the event that the first one used to start a heat misfires.

The Starter shall also act as a judge for the race by observing the race as far up Hills 1 and 2 as he or she can see it, watching for fouls by or interference between the competitors.