Rule 10.3.15 Timers

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Timers shall be utilized to measure the time required for each entry’s buggy to travel from the starting line to the finish line of the buggy course during the Sweepstakes races. The timers shall be appointed by the Sweepstakes Advisor. A minimum of two timers shall be required for each entry in a heat. The timers shall use stop watches or other suitable measuring devices to determine the time taken by each buggy to travel the buggy course. Sweepstakes Advisor shall appoint one timer as the Head Timer. The Head Timer will coordinate the efforts of all of the other timers.

The timers should be located on the northern sidewalk of Frew Street, directly in line with the finish line of the buggy course. They should be positioned on a platform several feet above the sidewalk so that they have a better view of the finish line of the race.

The timers will usually use the sound of the starter’s gun, as broadcast over the Carnegie Mellon University radio station (WRCT), as a signal to start their timing devices at the beginning of a race. If the radio station is not broadcasting the start of the race, another method of starting the timing devices must be devised.

The timers shall stop their timing devices when the nose of the buggy that they are timing reaches the finish line of the buggy course. The finishing time for each entry shall be the average of all of the times determined by the timers for that entry. All finishing times shall be announced by the Head Timer, whether or not they are subsequently invalidated because of a disqualification.

The Head Timer will be responsible for recording official and/or unofficial finishing times for all entries in all Sweepstakes races that take place on each day of racing. These times shall be recorded on Sweepstakes Race Timing Forms. Along with the finishing times, notations concerning disqualifications, accidents, protests, appeals, brake tests, etc. for each entry shall also be recorded on the Sweepstakes Race Timing Forms by the Head Timer. At the end of each day of racing the Head Timer shall present all of the timing forms for that day’s races to the Sweepstakes Chairman.

At the discretion of the Sweepstakes Advisor, alternate methods of automatic or semiautomatic timing of the race entrants may be employed, provided that these timing methods can be shown to be as accurate or more accurate than the usual timing method. If any automatic or semi-automatic timing methods are used, the manual timing method described above should also be used as a back-up system