Rule 10.3.2 Lane and Zone Markings

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Lines delineating the lanes on Hills 1 and 2, the starting line, the finish line, and the beginnings and ends of the three transition zones must be painted on the buggy course. At the discretion of the Sweepstakes Chairman, the responsibility of painting these lane and zone markings on the buggy course for the Sweepstakes races may be delegated to one organization. These lines should normally be painted by a date that is at least two weeks before the date scheduled for the preliminary races. Paint and the striper to paint the lines should be obtained through the Sweepstakes Advisor.

If the organization responsible for painting lane and zone markings fails to provide them without adequate reason, such as bad weather, before the last scheduled freeroll practice before the races, that organization shall be fined the amount of $25.00.