Rule 10.3.4 Electrical Power

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Electrical power may be made available on each day of Sweepstakes racing, to each organization participating in the races. If available, this electrical power will be located near each organization’s buggy preparation area, and will nominally be 110 volt alternating current, with a maximum current capacity of 20 amperes. (This will provide a maximum nominal power of 2,200 watts.) Two standard 110 VAC electrical outlets will be provided to each participating organization. Each organization will be responsible for providing adequate grounded cabling to transfer this power from the location of the outlets, to their individual buggy preparation areas.

When available, the electrical power near the buggy preparation areas will be provided by the Physical Plant Department of Carnegie Mellon University. Arrangements to provide this power should be made with the Physical Plant Department by the Sweepstakes Chairman, through the office of the Sweepstakes Advisor, at least six weeks before the races are scheduled to take place.