Rule 10.3.8 Course Marshals

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Each organization shall provide at least two course marshals for each scheduled day of Sweepstakes racing, to help control the race spectators on or near the buggy course. These course marshals must be available from a time that is one hour before the races are scheduled to start, until the races are finished for that day. Each organization shall equip at least two of the course marshals which it provides with reflective vests and flags which must be used while they are acting as marshals. Additional marshals must be equipped with some sort of brightly colored distinguishing attire, such as vests, hats, arm-bands, etc. so that they may be easily recognized by the race participants and spectators. The Sweepstakes Chairman, or anyone designated by that Chairman, shall determine when and where the course marshals must report for duty.

Any organization that fails to provide the required number of properly equipped course marshals for any day of Sweepstakes racing, shall be fined the amount of $25.00 for each missing or improperly equipped course marshal.

At the discretion of the Sweepstakes Chairman, organizations charged with other responsibilities, such as hay bales, no-parking signs, barricades, warning signs, etc., may not have to provide course marshals for each day of Sweepstakes racing.