Rule 10.3.9 Lead Car

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During each Sweepstakes race a motor vehicle known as the lead car shall drive around the buggy course ahead of the leading buggy in that race. The lead car should stay several hundred feet in front of the leading buggy at all times so as not to interfere with that buggy during the race. The Head Judge and the Sweepstakes Chairman shall ride in the rear portion of the lead car so that they may observe each race from that vantage point. Other people involved with the operation of the Sweepstakes races may ride in the lead car at the discretion of the Sweepstakes Chairman. The Sweepstakes Chairman shall be responsible for giving verbal instructions to the driver of the lead car during each race, so that the car may be kept at a safe and consistent (from race to race) distance in front of the leading buggy in that race.

The vehicle used as the lead car should be either a convertible top car or some sort of pick-up truck, in order to afford the best view of the race possible to the officials riding in it. If this vehicle is a pick-up truck, its tail-gate must always be closed while the vehicle is moving in order to reduce the chances of anyone falling out of it. The vehicle used as the lead car shall be obtained by the Sweepstakes Chairman with the assistance of the Sweepstakes Advisor. The driver of the lead car shall be determined by the Sweepstakes Advisor.

In the event of an accident during a heat, the lead car should continue along the buggy course, as long as there is at least one buggy still continuing with the race. If all of the buggies in the heat come to a stop, the lead car should stop near the leading buggy in order to render any necessary assistance.