Rule 10.4.1 Starting Times

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The time between the start of one scheduled heat and the start of the next scheduled heat shall usually be 8 minutes during the preliminary races, the alumni/exhibition races, and the rerun races, and 15 minutes during the finals races. The actual time intervals between heats shall be determined by the Sweepstakes Chairman, based on the number of heats to be run and on the amount of time available in which to run them. The actual time intervals to be used for the different races shall be announced to the participating organizations by the Sweepstakes Chairman sometime before the first scheduled day of racing.

The intervals between heats shall be timed by the Starter. Before each scheduled heat starts the Starter shall announce the time remaining to the start of that heat. These announcements shall usually be made when there are 10 minutes (finals races only), five minutes, two minutes, one minute, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds remaining before the start of the next scheduled heat. The last 10 seconds before the start of each heat shall be counted off by the Starter, in a manner such that all competitors located near the starting line are able to hear that count. After the Starter’s countdown reaches the count of “ONE,” the final warnings to the competitors before the heat starts shall be – “READY, – SET,” after which the Starter shall fire the starting gun to start the heat.

Each entry must be ready to start its scheduled heat on time. No requests for extensions to delay the scheduled start of any heat shall be granted. Any entry not in position at the starting line when the Starter indicates that there are five seconds left in the countdown until the start of that entry’s heat, will not be permitted to start that heat and will not be eligible for a rerun.