Rule 11.2.1 Public Display

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A public display of all of the buggies scheduled to compete in the Sweepstakes races shall take place in an indoor area that is large enough to accommodate them. Each organization must display ALL of its buggies scheduled to compete in the preliminary races at the Design Competition during the times specified by the Design Chairman. This display period should usually last between four and six hours.

Display Area

Each organization will be assigned one area in which to display its buggies. The size and location of this area shall be determined by the Design Chairman. Organizations displaying a large number of buggies may be assigned a larger area than those with fewer buggies, at the discretion of the Design Chairman. Each organization’s display area may be sectioned off from the display spectators by either a solid partition which rests on the floor and is less than two feet high, or by a barrier made of a single rope supported by stanchions at any height. Each organization may restrict the public from entering its sectioned off area or from touching any of its buggies. No organization may cover or otherwise obscure any of its buggies in order to prevent the public from seeing or photographing them while they are on display.