Rule 11.2.2 Presentation

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Each participating organization may present a maximum of two of its buggies scheduled to compete in the preliminary races to the design judges for preliminary judging, and if necessary, final judging. The preliminary judging of individual buggies and the final judging of the six finalists shall occur during the public display of the competing buggies. The order in which individual buggies from all of the competing organizations will be presented to the judges for the preliminary judging shall be determined by a random lottery. This lottery shall be conducted using a method determined by the Design Chairman.

Presentation For Preliminary Judging

The preliminary design competition judging shall be performed as follows:

Before any buggy is individually presented to the judges, the judges shall be permitted to view all of the buggies on display for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, no judge may ask any questions to any member of a competing organization about any of the buggies on display and no member of a competing organization may talk to or offer any information to any of the judges.

After the judges have viewed all of the buggies on display, each buggy scheduled for presentation shall be privately presented to the judges. These presentations shall be accomplished as follows:

• Only one organization shall present its buggy (or buggies) to the judges at a time.

• Each organization shall be permitted to have a maximum of three representatives present at the presentation of that organization’s buggy (or buggies) to the judges.

• Nobody but the judges and the representatives of the buggy’s sponsoring organization may be present at the presentation.

• Each organization’s representatives shall be given a maximum of ten minutes per buggy, to describe, demonstrate, or otherwise present that organization’s buggy to the judges. One person, usually the Design Chairman, shall act as a timer and shall warn the representatives when they have only two minutes remaining, and shall tell them to stop when the time period is over. The timer must remain just outside of the room in which the presentations are given. The judges may not interrupt the representatives with questions or comments during their presentation but they may take notes in order to ask questions later.

• After the organization’s representatives have finished their presentation, the judges may ask questions concerning each presentation or buggy, and may also examine each buggy. This period of questions and observation may last for a maximum of five minutes. The timer shall indicate when this period is over.

• After the question and observation period is over, the organization’s representatives shall take that organization’s buggy (or buggies) back to the public display area.

Presentation For Final Judging

The final design competition judging shall be performed as follows:

After the preliminary judging is complete, the finalists shall be re-evaluated by the judges. This reevaluation shall be accomplished as follows:

• The finalist buggies shall be brought back into the presence of the judges all at the same time.

• The judges shall be permitted to examine the buggies together for approximately 15 minutes.

• Each organization may have one representative per buggy present while any of its buggies are being re-evaluated by the judges.

• The judges may not ask a representative of any buggy any questions during the re-evaluation.

After the judges have re-evaluated the finalists, the Design Competition shall be considered to be complete and all of the buggies competing in it may leave.