Rule 11.5.1 Preliminary Judging

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The preliminary judging of buggies privately presented to the Design Judges shall be performed as follows:

The judges shall evaluate each buggy individually, based on the presentation by the representatives of the buggy’s sponsoring organization and the results of the question and observation period immediately after that presentation.

Each Design Judge shall compile a list of scores for each buggy presented based on his or her evaluation of that buggy. These scores shall be compiled using the Design Judging Evaluation form, which is included in Appendix I of this document.

Each Design Judge shall add up his or her list of scores, in order to obtain one total score for each buggy evaluated and then submit that list and score to the Design Chairman for compilation. The Design Chairman shall check the totals of the scores of each Design Judge’s list for each buggy evaluated and then compile a list of the total scores of all of the Design Judge’s for that buggy. If the number of Design Judges is sufficiently high, the highest and the lowest scores may be discarded from the compiled list of scores. The Design Chairman shall total all of the scores remaining on the list in order to produce the preliminary score for each buggy evaluated.

After all of the scores have been checked and compiled by the Design Chairman they shall be rechecked by another person designated by the Design Chairman. This designated person should usually be either the Sweepstakes Chairman, the Assistant Sweepstakes Chairman, or the Safety Chairman.

The Design Chairman shall rank all of the evaluated buggies in order of their preliminary design judging scores. The buggy with the highest score shall be ranked first, the buggy with the second highest score shall be ranked second, and so on to the buggy with the lowest score, which shall be ranked last. The six highest ranked buggies shall be eligible for the final judging. In the event of ties, one or more extra buggies may be eligible for the final judging.