Rule 11.5.2 Final Judging

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The judging of the buggies eligible for the final judging, which are all presented to the Design Judges at the same time, shall be performed as follows:

After the Design Judges have re-evaluated the finalists, each judge shall rank the buggies from first to last, with first being the highest ranking and last being the lowest ranking.

The Design Chairman shall compile a list of the rankings of each Design Judge for the finalist buggies as follows:

• The ranking of each Design Judge for each buggy shall be added up to produce a total ranking for each finalist buggy.

• The buggy with the lowest total ranking shall be placed first, the buggy with the second lowest total ranking shall be placed second, and so on until the buggy with the highest total ranking, which shall be placed last.

• If one or more buggies have the same total ranking, the tie shall be broken by using the preliminary scores for those buggies, such that a buggy with a higher preliminary score shall be placed higher than a buggy with a lower preliminary score. If the preliminary scores are also the same, the tie shall stand.

After the Design Chairman has determined the rankings of the finalist buggies, the finalist’s scores and rankings shall be checked by the same person designated to check the preliminary scores. The placements of the finalist buggies shall not be divulged until the awards ceremony after the Sweepstakes races.