Rule 13.1 Fines

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This is a summary of all fines specified elsewhere in these Rules, Regulations, and Procedures. A fine may be levied against any organization for failure to complete a responsibility. If one or more organizations cover for said responsibility, the fine shall be awarded to them and split at the discretion of the Sweepstakes Chairman, or anyone designated by that Chairman. The list of responsibilities and fines includes:

• Flaggers at barricades with proper equipment: $20 per flagger

• Sweepers with proper equipment: $15, $30 per sweeper

• Driver extraction equipment in the follow car: $15, $25 per occurrence

• Chute flagger: $10, $25 per occurrence

• Stop at a yellow stop flag on the course: $30 per occurrence

• Representation at a Sweepstakes Committee meeting: $15 per meeting

• Pass a spot safety check: $25 for the first occurrence, $50 thereafter

• Lights and reflectors during darkness: $20 per buggy per occurrence

• No-Parking signs: $25, $50

• Barricades: $15 during push practice, otherwise $25, $50 per occurrence

• Hay bales: $25, $50 per occurrence

• Warning signs: $25, $50 per occurrence

• Paint lane and zone markings: $25 per occurrence

• Course watch duty: $25 per person or vehicle

• Crowd control barriers: $50 per occurrence

• Course marshals with proper equipment: $25 per course marshal

• Maintain safety in a buggy preparation area: $50, $100 per occurrence

Fine amounts are indicated in the following order where applicable:

freeroll/push practice, day of Sweepstakes racing