Rule 3.3.4 Amendments to the Rules

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Amendments to these Sweepstakes Rules, Regulations, and Procedures may be made in the following ways:

  1. The Dean of Student Affairs and/or the Sweepstakes Advisor may, at their discretion, direct that any changes which they specify, be made to these Sweepstakes Rules, Regulations, and Procedures, at any time.
  2. Through the Sweepstakes Chairman, the Sweepstakes Committee may, by a majority vote of a quorum, propose changes to these Sweepstakes Rules, Regulations, and Procedures, at any time by submitting, in writing, those proposed changes to the Sweepstakes Advisor. Any proposed changes shall not become effective until, and unless, they are approved in writing by the Sweepstakes Advisor.

The Sweepstakes Advisor must either approve or reject any proposed changes within two weeks of the date on which those changes are submitted. If any proposed changes are submitted to the Sweepstakes Advisor on a date that is less than two weeks before the preliminary races are held that school year, the Sweepstakes Advisor is not required to act on those proposed changes. If the Sweepstakes Advisor chooses not to act on those proposed changes, they may be resubmitted the following school year after they have again been voted on by the Sweepstakes Committee. If the Sweepstakes Advisor considers that more than two weeks is required to evaluate any proposed changes, he or she may extend the two week response period, provided that the Sweepstakes Committee is informed of this extension and of its expected duration.