Rule 3.5.1 Fines

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Organizations may be fined by the Sweepstakes Advisor, the Sweepstakes Chairman or the Safety Chairman for violations of any of the rules and regulations specified in this document. The dollar amount of these fines is usually called out in the rule or regulation invoking the fine. Organization(s) that perform a chore assigned to another organization will have the assessed cost transferred into their Sweepstakes deposit. Transfer and distribution of these fines is at the discretion of the Sweepstakes Chairman and/or the Sweepstakes Advisor.

Other fines, not listed within these rules, may be specified and imposed by the Sweepstakes Advisor or the Sweepstakes Chairman in response to continued negligence on the part of organizations or any need that may arise. In such a case, the conditions for and the dollar amounts of those other fines must be made known to the Sweepstakes Committee members before any of those fines are imposed.

Fines should be subtracted from an organization’s safety deposit. If an organization accrues more than $50 in fines, they must pay an additional $100 deposit as stated under Deposits sec. 3.4.