Rule 4.2.2 Team

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Each team shall consist of one driver and five pushers. Each member of a team must be a currently enrolled, Activities Fee paying, full-time student of Carnegie Mellon University and must be a member of the organization entering the buggy. In the case of Greek organizations, members are limited to pledges and initiated members of that chapter and must be, or have been, listed on an IFC membership roster or Panhellenic roster in the case of a sorority. The driver for any team may be any eligible student.

Fraternities may have female push teams. These women do not need to be on the IFC roster of said fraternity. Sororities may have male push teams. These men do not need to be on the Panhellenic roster of said sorority.

Last semester seniors shall be considered to be full-time students(regardless of credits carried) and must pay the Activities Fee for the semester in which they participate in buggy. Any graduate student may participate in buggy for any organization (Greek or independent) given they are full-time students of Carnegie Mellon University and have paid the applicable Activities Fee for graduate students. All potential team members of any organization must necessarily have been named previously on the general membership roster submitted by the organization.